Can I use JT Music Songs in my Videos?

Music Usage Terms

Requirements for Usage

Yes you can! BUT, read this first:

  • You MUST put our name in the video title if the song is used for more than 60% of the video
  • You MUST put a link to our channel in the video description
  • You MUST put a store link to the song(s) used in the video description
  • You CANNOT make money using our songs as they are protected in YouTube’s Content ID system, this is non-negotiable
  • You CANNOT upload lists, compilations or any “X Hour Videos” of our music either
  • You can play our music on your Streams, BUT we ask you to simply give credit and shout outs when appropriate. Some songs may be muted on VODs, we will not grant clearance per basis, it’s the “risk” run with streaming with our stuff. Sorry for the inconvenience!

If you try and monetize a song of ours you will get an ID Claim. Do not worry, this is not a strike on your channel.
You can license a song for a one time use and monetize the content that way. Fair warning, license fees start at four digits.

Please contact us [email protected] for license fee enquiries.

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